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Originally Posted by Rohirrim View Post
Man, It's so obvious. Issa keeps the dog and pony show going while protesting that he has no political reason for doing so. Cruz delivers his "Prep for 2016" speech. And now Rant Paul comes out and one-ups him on his Hillary attack. The issues of Benghazi are already cleared up. Yes, the entire Obama administration ****ed up. Yes, the CIA and Foggy Bottom ****ed up and spent the next few weeks trying to shift the blame in some kind of petty little warfare. But those issues are resolved. All this **** happening now is nothing but gutter politics, ie, how can we turn these dead Americans into votes for our party, and more importantly, us?
The first part of your post may be correct but this shyt hasn't been resolved. This was a cover up from the get go and someone needs to come clean. People need to be held responsible. The charade is still ongoing.
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