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Originally Posted by baja View Post
I moved to Mexico for a job opportunity over 30 years ago long before I realized what was going on. I have made a nice life for myself here and do not feel the need to defend my decision to anyone especially to those idiots such as yourself that some how construe an address with running from something. What is coming is global domination there is no place to run or hide.

There is no need for a fight just wake up to what is happening and in mass refuse to go along with it. We the people have all the power but we chose to act like sheeple
Then why should I feel the need to defend my position, which is that, in this particular case, you're a conspiracy theorist who is trying to stir up anti-establishment sentiment based on a bunch of vagaries, half truths, outright lies, conjecture and suspicion.

Now I'm as mistrustful of politicians as the next reasonable person, but nothing you have provided...nothing...provides even the slightest HINT at your "truth" that the is some mass global conspiracy that will result in the enslavement of the human race (by lizard people?).

Your concept of "Enslavement", if and when it occurs, occurs on an individual level, and only exists if you allow it to. People become slaves to their pocketbooks, the want for more stuff, the need to be better than their neighbor. It causes irrationality, fear, suspicion. It is a far more dangerous form of "Enslavement" than you, or any of your peers can come up with, and's real.
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