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Originally Posted by houghtam View Post
My quality of life from right now until Enslavement Day is far better than my quality of life would be prepping for Enslavement Day, and even if my prepping saved my life, my quality of life thereafter would be even worse.

And that's if you buy into all that crap, which I don't.

If enough of you would wake up there would be no need to "prepare for enslavement"

The men behind the curtain are not that formidable if only enough would wake up and expose their exploits we would throw off the shackles.

Tell me for example why in hell the US government is required to borrow at interest dollars from private bankers (Federal Reserve). The United States of America should be printing it's own money not borrowing (new) money from private concerns. How the hell did this happen? It happen because enough of you were asleep at the wheel. All new money enters the market as debt do you know how insane that is?
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