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Originally Posted by Swedish Extrovert View Post
Is there an advantage fo buying a juicer as opposed to a blender/processor?

I've been downing about 16oz of a drink I concocted. I used to drink V8 like a fiend, but even the low sodium variety has too much salt.

I've been mixing 1 batch of kale, a cup of spinich, two broccoli heads, four celery sticks, a cucumber, a pineapple, an apple, two lemons, an onion, chickory, an orange pepper, and a habenero pepper..... freezing it..... thawing out what I need.... and using it as a nice kick in the morning.
That sounds just bad enough that it might actually be good.

BTW you loose a lot of nutritional value freezing your drink.

Oh the difference is a juicier separates the juice from the fiber (pulp) while a blender like the VitaMix will emulsify all the items in the container into a smooth blend, pulp and all.

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