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Originally Posted by ant1999e View Post
I agree with your point for the most point. However, if you research most of these attacks they were for the most part stopped outside of the target.

The problem is that this incident is completely different than the others. There are levels of ****edupedness. The many attacks prior to to 9-11, the denial of additional security, the non action during the attacks, the changing of the talking points and then the blaming a video, the ordering of State Department personnel not to talk to the investigators.
Many were stopped short, others were fatal. I find it curious that only the Benghazi attack is considered worthy of a Congregational investigation.

It stinks of politics at a time when divisive partisan politics are polarizing the country.
The investigation is warranted in light of the whistle-blowing, but I'm tired of the partisanship at a time when we need, amongst other things, a balanced budget......and I mean 'balanced.'

DC has become a cesspool and they really don't care how glaringly obvious it has become.
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