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Wow really? so every year farmers don't need a certain number of workers to pick their crops? Interesting.
And here is a display of your wanton ignorance for all.

You see child, when Reagan stupidly signed the 1986 amnesty, part of that bill included a package for agricultural visas for farm labor called the H-2A Agricultural Visa. Indeed, very few illegal aliens work farms, and the farms that hire illegal labor do so to avoid the minimum labor and wage standards in the H-2A legislation. Illegals go for the blue collar jobs; janitors, fast food, hotels, meatpacking, landscaping, construction. Stuff Americans historically have done.

We don't have farms that require 12 million laborers, dude.

And you know what the H-2B visa is for? Importing cheapo foreign tech and non-agricultural workers who will work for less than Americans. Do we "need" them too? No - they are "needed" by those who wish to make a killing on saving labor costs.

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