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Originally Posted by houghtam View Post
Then you weren't listening.

I'm not doing your research for you.
I've done the research. You're ticked off at a lack of equals signs. That doesn't tell me anything. What is your beef other than no equals signs? Is it the information is inaccurate or that it lacks equals signs and therefore you dislike it regardless and knee-jerk label it "racissss"?

I'm amused especially when liberals are so eager to post these isolated, hokey IQ tests which show conservatives allegedly have depressed IQ averages which liberals have also suggested be used to qualify these people for voting rights, but when it comes to multiple tests which show that pet groups that liberals favor have similarly lower averages, the loud bleating moral outrage and namecalling starts without any question to the accuracy of the testing. Which is it?

How about a little consistency here? So what's the problem? Bad, false data or what? What is "racist" about it?
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