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Gotta love the tired old immigration argument that yuk yuk uses.this country needs low wage workers.that is a fact.the problem with many Americans is that they feel they are too good for low wage paying jobs and so instead they complain that immigrants are stealing all their jobs or that they don't pay enough.for a member of the GOP,who is always claiming that people should take responsibility for themselves,you sure do whine a lot.
Fact: We have low-wage workers. They're called blue-collar Americans. Greedy pigs would rather subvert federal law and hire people who are vulnerable and less likely to fight back against exploitation so they prefer illegal aliens. It's not that hard to figure out. I saw it more than once years ago when I worked unskilled labor myself. The "need" crap is propaganda either from corporate fat cats or illegal alien lobbying groups (probably funded by Mexico City). It's also no secret that the presence of these laborers lower the wages of unskilled labor in general. Supply and demand. Oversupply of cheap labor lowers wages, period.

I don't belong to the GOP btw, I'm not registered with any party.

From the Clinton Administration's Jordan Commission --

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