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Originally Posted by KCStud View Post
I'm not sure if you're trolling me or actually being serious?
Hopefully it's trolling bc only an uneducated NFL fan would not see that KC has some talent on the team and coaching and QB play were the biggest problems.

You"re also a moron if you think Cassel is the same as Smith after watching them the last 2 years. Cassel was bottom of the barrel. I'd take backups over him.
Smith is an average QB at least.
I Agree, the Queefs dont have the recent success to claim that they are good BUT bringing in a new coach and regime can be the big difference. Look at many teams over the years that have changed coaches, either that season or soon there after is a boom or bust in winning. Josh McDaniels after Shannahan(Bust) John Fox after McDaniels(Boom).... Jim Harbaugh after Singletary(Boom), Bill Belicheat after Pete Carrol (Boom)

Given the fact that they have upgraded the QB spot, Jamal Charles, Dwayne Bowe and now have an offensive coach that has a proven track record they could easily suprise some people...and they might not but I would def. argue that they are a team on the rise
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