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The only "dealing with" immigration is enforcing border law and stopping the environment of undercutting American wages with cheaper foreign labor. You, like all too many on the far left of the Democratic party, especially, conflate legal immigration with illegal aliens who not only displace American workers but also lower wages across the board. Is there some reason other than vote purchasing that you think these people should be legalized? As I said, American workers are being screwed by their presence, not counting the tax base and infrastructure being burdened.

I guess it all boils down to who you represent: Americans or illegal aliens? The Democratic Party, especially, seems to increasingly prefer illegals over Americans. They have all but totally abandoned the American working class.

Some people ("people" in a general sense as you used it is a gross exaggeration) care about gun measures and gay marriage, but not nearly to the level you think they do and not nearly to the level you see matching the nearly endless loud clamoring and white knighting in Washington. As I said, this issue is being presented NOW because it's a feel-good distraction from the bad economy which is far higher on the list of concerns for Americans. If they're taking on the economy, why don't they talk about it instead of whispering about the economy and screaming loudly about gay people and illegal aliens? Why no also discuss how enforcing immigration law would free up millions of jobs for unemployed Americans? Notice how that is conspicuously absent from the discussion? We can give illegal aliens food stamps but we can't enforce laws to encourage self-deportation? REALLY?

If you think marriage "rights" (never has been a right) is a mark of equality, then I can only hope you want incestuous marriages, child marriages, harems, and triad marriages, because after all, if you're going to insist that all comers marrying is a right, you'd better be consistent enough and apply it everywhere. Marriage has never been a universal right nor should it be, nor does it mean that everyone denied a state-recognized marriage certificate is "oppressed." That's utter garbage.

Democrats were intelligent enough to kill their own gun bills, yet Obama and others loudly got on TV and blamed it on an NRA conspiracy, citing like a mantra a single outdated poll of questionable reliability about the alleged 90% figure and telling the GOP "You should be ashamed!"
I just don't see where the bad economy is these days. Market over 15K, houses in Park Hill and Stapleton sells before they are listed... I don't know anybody that is unemployed unless they have chosen to be. Yes, unemployment is still relatively high historically, but lets be honest here, that has to so more with a economic cycle than is does with anything the Government is doing- maybe the economy is on the mend, and there is no doom and gloom anymore so politicans have abandoned it to issues they feel they can achieve something on?
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