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What we've been fed by Washington and their media lapdogs these past months (since the inauguration in specific) is a bunch of bread and circuses, though in this case minus the bread. It has allowed Washington to totally tank serious discussion of economic matters focusing instead on shifting between largely manufactured anti-gun hysteria, feel-good silliness about gay couples wanting to marry, and of course appeals to pity for illegal aliens who have come here to undercut American labor because the countless employers who prefer to exploit them get away with it scot-free.
They've taken action on the economy, the stimulus, QE, Fed buying Long Term Assets... all of them worked in some shape of form, but lets be honest, things that would really help the economy like tax reform are entitlememts reforms are not going to happen is this hyper-partisan environment....

People do care about Gun measures, the background check bill shoud have passed if it did not have amendment to it- but that what you get when politicans play game instead of putting out clean Bills.

Gay Right is only "silliness" if you are straight and have full rights as an American.

Immigration is an issue that needs to be dealt with, especialy if you expect the GOP to survive. GOP strongholds in many States will be begin to buckle as minorities and immigrants vote democrat, there is just no doubt R will have the egg on their face of an immigratiion fall out. What I find ironic about the GOP distaste for Mexican immigrant expecially, the are typically family oriented, anti-abortion Christians.... they should be locks for the GOP, but they continue to kick that voting block in the marbles... I don't get it, but then again that's why I don't generally vote for R's.

**and to add, Americans don't really care about Benghazi- they don't understand what happened, lost interest long ago, apparently only R'sd continue to carry that torch- I am not saying it is right, but Americans don't care anymore

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