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Originally Posted by Requiem View Post
But you are flustered. You are the one who continuously gripes, wallows in delusion and tries to play Internet Psychologist and Junior Detective. Yes, all of us here are laughing at you because nobody here takes you seriously and nobody ever will. Why you continue to waste your time on a forum community that really isn't interested in what you have to say is beyond me. Same here as elsewhere, I'd assume.
Right, right. I'm not the one with 19,000 posts at multiple Broncos forums. Some of us actually have a life and don't live in mommy's basement. Bottom line yet again: You're ticked off at me solely because I gave you back what you dished out and you're sucking your thumb. You go so far in your enraged acts of vengeance that you search the forums for personal tidbits to use as weapons. People return fire? You cry foul.

You should be happy, you get away with a lot of crap here. Negative reputations bombing, thread stalking, wishing others dead, etc.

I've encountered many tantrum throwing immature internet males in my life. If you think you're hot and original, you're seriously deluded. You're standard issue.
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