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Originally Posted by nyuk nyuk View Post
Because you accept stuff by the NRA, right? There is no "rhetoric" behind gun ownership. It's a basic American right and tradition.

Do you honestly think an anti-gun lobby is going to release a survey with results they don't like? Seriously? Perhaps next you'll tell us to take Brady Center seriously?

At least my gun source was a non-partisan fact check group; you give us gun grabbers and spike the football. Difficulty in weighing sources much?
1) The "rhetoric" to which I'm referring is the sentiment the NRA actively foments which claims the government is coming to take away your guns and leads to gun nuts doing what gun nuts do, which is adding another 10 guns to their 100 gun collection "just in case". Nice try though.

2) Do some fact checking on "FactCheck"....they consistently change the meaning of the word "fact".
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