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Originally Posted by ant1999e View Post
What part of "we left people there to die" do you not comprehend? This was unlike any other attack overseas. We left them under manned and then did absolutely nothing when they reported that they were under attack. And then to add insult to injury attempted to cover it up by blaming an anti Islamic video. And continued the insult by ordering State Dept officials not to talk to investigators.
So tell me, wanting answers/justice for these murdered Americans is being partisan but acting like it's not a big deal to protect the administration isn't?
Benghazi is a cluster**** and needs to be aired out. But ignoring years of embassy attacks where even more Americans died is also a disgrace.

This investigative process should have began years ago. Yemen and Karachi embassies were attacked multiple times, yet there were no congressional investigations to determine if those attacks were preventable. All attacks by terrorists should be carefully examined and lessons learned. We give billions to the military, intelligence agencies, homeland security etc. Yet here we are, discussing only what happened after the attack, and not how it should never have happened. This shouldn't be about partisan politics, but until all incidents are similarity scrutinized, it feels that way.

Protecting ANY administration is unacceptable, and that's my point.
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