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Originally Posted by Rigs11 View Post
Oh now I get it, it only matters if americans are killed, then I wont bring up 911.
It's sad when they'll twist things this far for the team, isn't it. What wouldn't they do?

There's so many levels to this thing, I'm not sure which is the most disgusting.

The outright lies about weapons of mass destruction to the American people and press.

The government-sponsored random harassment, public killing, scapegoating, and invasion of a sovereign state on trumped up charges.

Officials at the highest level of government skewing intelligence to misrepresent facts.

The constant suppression and even making light of any effort to bring to justice the people responsible for perpetrating the biggest lie in the 21st century.

If this had been a Clinton scandal, every one of these clowns would have been screaming Impeachment.

Oh wait, they did.
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