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January 22 , 2002: Gunmen attack a U.S. government information center in Calcutta, India, near the U.S. Consulate. NO AMERICANS KILLED.

June 13, 2002: The US consulate in Karachi is a prime target for terrorists; in June 2002 a dozen people were killed when a car bomb exploded outside it. NO AMERICANS WERE KILLED.

September 17, 2008: Heavily armed fighters attack the U.S. Embassy in Yemen. A car bomb is detonated. At least 16 people die, including six attackers. No Americans are reportedly killed.

July 9, 2008: The U.S. Consulate in Istanbul, Turkey, is attacked in what the American ambassador to the country calls "an obvious act of terrorism" aimed at the U.S. NO AMERICANS KILLED.

September 12, 2006: Syrian authorities kill three attackers and apprehend a suspect outside the U.S. Embassy after a car explodes near the walls of the Damascus building. Three of the four KILLED were attackers. NO AMERICANS KILLED.

December 7, 2004: An attack on the U.S. Consulate in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, kills nine people. The U.S. Embassy said no Americans were killed or seriously injured.

Congratulations king of false equivalencies. What's sad is most Obama nut huggers want to dismiss the facts in Benghazi for political reasons. The fact that people want to know why they were denied extra security and then left to die when they came under attack is undeniable. I don't know who's worse, those in the government who are covering it up or those citizens who help them cover it up. Quite frankly, you disgust me.
It's sad when they'll twist things this far for the team, isn't it. What wouldn't they do?

There's so many levels to this thing, I'm not sure which is the most disgusting.

The outright lies about issues of national security to the American people and press.

The government-sponsored random harassment, public shaming, scapegoating, and finally arrest of a civilian engaged in an act of (maybe distasteful) speech.

Officials at the highest level of government instructing Victims' families to aim their anger at that same civilian who they absolutely knew had nothing to do with the reason those families' sons were killed.

The constant suppression of any effort to bring these facts out, followed by the "this is old news" reaction once the evidence trickles out from behind the"transparency" firewall.

If this was a Bush scandal, every one of these clowns would be screaming Impeachment.
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