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Let's re summarize here.

Embassy in Benghazi receives threats
Embassy in Benghazi asks for additional security
Administration refuses request, plays golf

Embassy in Benghazi receives more threats, asks again for more security
Administration refuses request, plays golf

Embassy is attacked by Al Qaeda on 9/11 (who could've seen that coming?) 4 American public servants, two Navy Seals are killed.
Administration springs into action. Denies any forces in the area any chance to respond. Tells assets to stand down. Finds offensive Youtube video. Immediately sends out spokespeople to blame the video and publicly call-out the producer of the (completely irrelevant) video.

Video Producer is arrested and jailed (to this day)
Administration works overtime actively editing intelligence assessments of what happened, scrubbing any reference to the early warnings or any hint that the operation was pre-planned, should have been predicted, with lives easily saved. And of course still implicating a Youtube video that they absolutely knew had nothing to do with the Al Qaeda attack.

Administration maintains the lie for weeks, with the White House press secretary actively lying to the press corps during the height of an election season. Hillary Clinton tells dead Americans' mourning parents that the Administration is going to seek justice on their behalf by taking it to the producer of the Youtube video.

FBI is held back from thoroughly investigating the scene of the attack for evidence because Libyan authorities are dismayed and embarassed by the complete fictionalization of the event by the Administration.

Liberals are all ... meh. Media calls it 'old news' even as new documentation, testimony and evidence contradicting their earlier reporting comes out.

It's undeniable at this point. Watergate could've never happened with a Democrat in office.
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