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Not sure if this was aimed at me. If it was, I don't see the relevance of when a term for a region was coined. You could adopt the mantle of the ancient Egyptian name for pretty much anything and it would predate (and probably contradict) the modern order of anything.

In the real world, Israel's control has gone (backwards) from Israel to the British Empire, to the Ottoman Turks, to the Egyptians with some Crusaders mixed in between, to the (Eastern Roman) Greeks, to the Romans, and Ancient Israelites, with a mix before that of Babylonian, Persian, with some more Egyptian rule sprinkled about. There has never been a real independent Palestinian state of any kind for any real duration throughout the known history of the world.

This isn't about some kind of firm national identity. It's about Islam vs Judaism. And Islam has no greater claim to (or any better prospects for) the Democratic nation of Isreal.
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