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Originally Posted by TonyR View Post
Speaking of jokes, you idiot, corporate profits are strong and the stock market is soaring. The lack of jobs has very little to do with the things you mentioned in your I-like-to-pretend-I-know-what-I'm-talking-about post.
It's amazing how much of the current right wing mantra of 'don't tax the job creators' has morphed from fantasy into fact. No matter how obvious the bs, they keep on repeating it, until they actually believe it. Anyone who has taken the risks of starting a business understands who creates the jobs, and it's not the wealthy investor class. It's the entrepreneur and consumer demand.

Here's The Real Problem With Mitt Romney's Economic Plan: 'Rich People' Don't Create The Jobs

Specifically, Romney's policies are designed to give more money to wealthy Americans and companies, on the theory that they will then use this cash to invest in other companies and create jobs.

This treatment plan ignores two important things:

The wealthiest Americans and corporations already have plenty of cash to invest. The reason they are not investing it aggressively is not that they don't have it--it's that the investments won't produce a compelling return (because the customers of the companies they would be investing in, average Americans, are strapped).
Contrary to common wisdom, rich people do not create the jobs in this country. Rich people (investors) help create jobs, but no sustainable job is created without the help of a healthy economic ecosystem--one that depends heavily on the financial health of hundreds of millions of American consumers.

The argument that "rich people create the jobs" is repeated so often that many people regard it as fact.
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