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Originally Posted by spdirty View Post
Since we're doing lists......

1. Broncos
2. Real Football
3. College Football
4. High School Football
5. Pee Wee Football
6. Nuggets Basketball
7. CU Basketball
8. Rockies (when they don't suck)
9. Avalanche (when they don't suck)
10. Boxing
11. NHRA
13. Colorado National Speedway
14. Olympics
15. Cock Fighting
16. Televised Poker
17. Lingerie Football
18. Roller Derby
19. Lacrosse
20. Golf
22. That shuffleboard game on ice in the Olympics
23. Competitive Cheerleading
24. Spelling Bee
25. Competitive Eating
26. soccer
That is a ppretty good list.I would drop NASCAR and throw Tennis in the top 7.I would move Boxing up ahead of Tennis and Ultimate fight just below Tennis. I would take out High School football altogether.
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