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Originally Posted by Swedish Extrovert View Post
I'll stop pissing in y'alls cherrios in a second. Baseball is intricate and complex, and I'm sure it's fun for some people... but IMO.

1. (American/Gridiron) Football

2. Hockey (tie)
2. (World/Association) Football... ie soccer

4. Winter Olympics (ski racing, figure skating etc.)

5. Summer Olympics (esp. sprinting and gymnastics)
6. Golf (mostly the Masters/US Open)
7. Basketball
8. Ultimate Fighting
9. Rugby

I think I'd put baseball tied with Tennis at 10, ahead of volleyball and lacrosse. That is, I'll watch game 7 of the world series, wembleton, and the MLL championship... other than that I can take it or leave it.

Carry on....
That is the worst ranking of sports ever.
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