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Originally Posted by gunns View Post
Most Mexicans (illegals) practice self segregation because they are afraid. Asians do not. They do not have the fear of being illegal. Yes the Hmongs and Vietnamese did when they initially arrived, out of fear of the unknown, but they melted in and participate in the community in large numbers.

My son in law and his entire family came here illegally in 1997. He and his youngest brother are now citizens, and knew, as many do, that learning English was the way to success. They love the American way of life, abide by the laws, and have mixed the American culture with their own, which I find great. Their parents have gone back to Mexico. Oh and neither are or have been on welfare. Yes my son in law still has an accent, much like my grandmother had a Swedish accent after being here for 50 years and speaking perfect English. Loved her culture too. Your post is unbelievably na´ve.
Pssh...that's just anecdotal evidence. And besides, it's just a few people you know. EVERYONE cut and Dramallama knows, on the other hand...
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