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Houghtam, how does "I suspect" translate to "unquestioned fact"?

“There are all these claims that gun ownership is going through the roof,” said Daniel Webster, the director of the Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Policy and Research. “But I suspect the increase in gun sales has been limited mostly to current gun owners. The most reputable surveys show a decline over time in the share of households with guns.”

Critics of that survey cite lack of willingness to admit gun ownership to surveyors. If I had someone ask me if I owned a gun, I'd say no. FactCheck's estimate of US gun ownership reflects conservative figures found in the 2007 Small Arms Survey.

Btw, the General Social Survey gets funded in part by the anti-gun Joyce Foundation. Perhaps next you'll give us some high quality Brady crap. Joyce openly admits to funding the survey and they also amazingly link to it on their website. Amazin' stuff, that!

Do you have more left-wing ideologue crap to give us?

I'm sure, Houghtam, that you would embrace a pro-gun survey funded in part by the NRA?

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