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Originally Posted by Requiem View Post
I'm not sore about anything. I am just telling you like it is. You happen to not like it. You are the one getting all flustered. I'm sitting here laughing.
Every time someone says something you don't like about your sophomoric behavior, you insist you are sitting there laughing when your behavior (thread stalking) indicates anger. Every time you're obviously ticked off, you deny it. Everyone who knows you knows you do this.

As I stated, why make a claim and bail from a thread without discussing it? It's retarded, and you're trying to shift the burden away from the person making the claim onto others. Garbage.

Seriously. Get something for your sore ass.

If I were "flustered," suffice it to say I'd be acting like you and going about thread stalking with childish cheap shots. That's beneath me, and you're beneath me.
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