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Originally Posted by Requiem View Post
Like I said, I don't feel like wasting energy on people who clearly aren't worth it. That doesn't mean I couldn't explain myself, nor does it indicate an anger issue. I just find you to be a reprehensible human being without any redeeming quality worth mentioning. Sorry. Wait, not sorry.
If you have no wish to explain yourself, why get on a thread and make the assertion to begin with? Are you here to discuss topics or take lame cheap shots at people?

You're making **** up and hiding that you couldn't back up your silly point (which was clearly and solely a cloaked cheap-shot because you're an eternal sore ass) by sitting on your high chair and looking down your snout.

I was born at night, but not last night. You had no point to make to begin with. You were just b****y.

If your ass is that sore for that long, consider Ben Gay.

Why on earth would a grown adult be a sore ass over people giving him back a taste of his own medicine, anyway? Get over it and move on.
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