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Unlike the GOP, obama can do multiple things. That includes gun laws, immigration, and jobs. The GOP? They focus on benghazi and filibusters. yay.

Obama renews focus on jobs, economic growth with Texas trip
(Reuters) - President Barack Obama flew to Texas on Thursday to put his focus back on job creation and economic growth after concentrating on gun control legislation and immigration reform in recent months.

Obama is due to hold events around the country to draw attention to his efforts to boost economic growth through jobs that benefit the middle class, a White House official said.

The trip comes as a poll shows Americans say what they want most from politicians in Washington is job creation and action that will help the economy grow.

In a visit to the Austin, Texas, area, Obama was due to visit Applied Materials, which makes semiconductors and other technology, and a high school focused on math and science. He also will meet residents and entrepreneurs.

The jobs tour follows some policy frustrations for Obama. He failed to persuade Congress to accept expanded background checks for gun buyers, a disappointing setback to his efforts to toughen gun rules after the December murders of 20 children and six adults at an elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut.

He also is at an impasse with congressional Republicans over a deficit reduction deal that he insists should include higher tax revenues, which Republicans oppose.

The president does appear to be making headway in his efforts to change immigration laws to open a path to citizenship for a portion of the 11 million people who are in the United States without proper documentation. However, final legislation is months off.

In the meantime, a Gallup poll released Tuesday found 86 percent of those surveyed this month ranked creating jobs as their top priority for action by Congress and Obama, tied at 86 percent with helping the economy grow.

Lower on the priority list were reducing the federal deficit at 69 percent, reforming the tax code at 59 percent, reducing gun violence at 55 percent and reforming immigration at 50 percent.
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