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Originally Posted by TonyR View Post
Re "home break-ins"... Do you own a gun? Do you have children living in your home? If both are yes, do you keep those guns out and at the ready? If you do, you're endangering your children. If you don't, they won't really help much during a break in.

Re "government tyranny"... When/where/how have you experienced it lately? And to the extent you have, how would owning a gun have helped your situation?

And yes, it is nice here. I'm not filled with fear and hatred as your online persona would suggest you do.
If you want anything banned over the actions of 2 people - namely Holmes and Lanza - you're filled with fear and hatred. If you fixate on gun murders even though more people are killed by drunken drivers every year, you're filled with fear and hatred. If you want "assault weapons" banned even though shotguns are used in more murders each year, you are filled with fear and hatred.

Railing about guns like an emotional lactating female when alcohol kills far more people each year is not rational and is a sign that you are filled with fear and hatred.

You act as if home break-ins aren't a realistic concern, and you obviously haven't considered that our right to own guns might have something to do with the political stability in this country. As far as storage of guns, there are expectations as far as safe handling. There are also child endangerment laws. There are also limits of gun legislation such as laid out in Heller. Nobody needs to justify how they store their guns any more than anyone needs to justify how they store their prescription medications or their alcohol.

Which do you think kills more kids: booze or guns? Here's a hint. Where is your outrage?

You can hate on guns all you want, but you can't ban them.

I'm amused at how those who want to ban guns refuse to consider bringing back prohibition. Amused, but not surprised.
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