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Latinos in my area all listen to spanish language radio, fly the mexican flag, play soccer in the park and leave behind airplane size liquor bottles. How many of those want to become citizens? not many will want to pay back tax and jump through hoops for 10 yrs, learn English, pass a citzenship test. So my question is what are we going to do to illegal immigrants that just maintain the status quo and don't try to become citizens? You know stay in the country and just stay undocumented and work under the table.
They're here for the money, not because they like this country or have even bothered to learn about our history, our traditions, or our way of life. Such attitudes are now given legitimacy with the concept of multiculturalism; they are no longer expected to assimilate and shed old national and cultural identities and loyalties, and why should they? They're only here for the bling bling.
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