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Pat Bowlen

Originally Posted by BroncoMan4ever View Post
Okay. Like who? What pitchers have they passed on? Throwing all that money at Hampton and Neagle set the franchise back at least five years. But there have been other pitching flame-outs, as well. The only guys that have really worked, from a free agency perspective, have been guys looking for a one-year shot to reclaim their careers.

Here are MLB pitchers who are currently within plus or minus $1 million of Tulo's salary:

Mark Buehrle
Clayton Kershaw
Jorge De La Rosa
Chad Billingsly
Chris Carpenter
Matt Garza
David Price
Kyle Lohse
Gavin Floyd
Jon Lester
Yu Darvish (not taking into account what they had to pay to buy his rights)
Anibal Sanchez
Tim Hudson
Jake Westbrook

Look at that list. Who on that list is more valuable to his team than Tulo is to the Rockies?

Tulo's been injured, obviously. That's the one mitigating factor. But look at the crap that's on that list? Paying that much for pitching is a scary prospect; and that's not taking into account the head games from pitching half your games at Coors Field.

I think the latest approach to building the roster can work. The current lineup is scary - they can hit against anyone, anywhere. The bullpen is about as good as it gets. The starting pitching is obviously well below average. The only hope they have of staying in contention is to have Pomeranz/Friedrich/etc step up, or to hang around until the trade deadline so that the team can justify renting an arm or two.
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