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Now Hezbollah has come out in support of Assad. What a bizarre conflict this is. You've got the Muslim Brotherhood fighting with the rebels, and the Iranian backed Hezbollah fighting with Assad. No wonder the U.S. wants to stay the **** out of it. No matter who wins, we lose.
Hezbollah have always gotten support from Damascus. They're both Shia Muslims. The MB are Sunni as are apparently a lot of the rebels. These two groups of Muslims have hacked each other to pieces since the death of Muhammad. It actually makes a ton of sense. I'm sure Assad has done plenty of repression of Sunnis. The US has been actively supporting at least some of these Sunni rebels, quite possibly ones tied with the MB.

Israel is making some gusty moves in the chaos and weakened state of Assad to take care of some of the Hezbollah-bound weaponry, knowing Syria will do little to nothing. And they're right.
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