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Originally Posted by houghtam View Post
We've also discussed this fallacy before, haven't we? If youve ever been in management, cut, which I'm assuming you haven't by some of the things you've said, companies are ALWAYS trying to turn full time positions into part time. Now they're just using the ACA to blame it on. In fact, I spoke to the contacts I have within my old theater company, an sure enough they just had a GMs meeting where the owners blamed the ACA and told them to keep everyone under 30 hours and if you have to, just hire more people. When a manager asked how it would be any different than what they've been doing since the beginning, there was a "long, hilarious pause", then a few minutes of them "fumbling over themselves uncomfortably".

It's been happening since forever. Good businesses eventually find out (for skilled positions) that its actually more detrimental to have two people do the work of one. You're doubling training costs, doubling turnover, and so on.
Only lower class jobs will really be hit hard by this. Unfortunatley those will hit college students, people without degrees the most. You know the same people Obama is supposedly all for.

The facts are starting to come out that the federal govt is way way way behind implementing Obamacare. The exchanges are going to be flooded and they know it. They are trying to figure out how to stall it until Obama is out of office.
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