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Trevor Siemian!

Originally Posted by DomCasual View Post
Tulo is the best player in the league at arguably the most important position in the lineup.

His salary ranks 103rd in baseball.

Other than that, you're right - what a "stoooopid" deal.

People are funny. They complain that the Rockies don't spend enough money. But then, the Rockies go and lock down their best players to long-term deals, and people complain that they aren't spending wisely.

Tell me this. Where would you rather they spent the $10 million/year they're giving Tulo?
Locking up Tulo and Cargo long term was the best thing they could do. Also, Rutlege, Arenado, Fowler, Young, Rosario make the everday lineup potentially pretty damn good.

The pitching was always what pissed me off about them. As well as the constant Coors Field excuses. This year the starting pitching has held up pretty well. Hopefully they can last the year and be decent, and Chatwood can come up and dominate.

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