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Originally Posted by Fedaykin View Post
As someone who actually manages people, deadlines and projects, the concept of 'two people getting 2x as much done as 1x' or rather two people working 20 hours getting as much done as one person doing 40 is hilariously stupid.

Anyone with even half a clue about managing people knows that.

For more, the seminal work in my field (which applies to any situation involving skilled labor though) is:
Good link. And yeah, it blew my mind. I was hired as a Project Manager but for my first two months was trained underneath one to see how it could go. After a while, I came to notice certain days had heavier workloads than others and inconveniently enough those two hardly ever worked together on those shifts. It made things really tough with those ****ty workers. After discussing things with my immediate higher up, we had to make the decision to get a full-timer on there or else we would be ****ed.

One of the reasons I left that company (even though I was offered a promotion after 8 months of working there) was because HR and the top dogs were woefully aloof to what was actually going on with projects and what went on during production hours. About all of them **** the bed in my exit interview when I let them know that having performance reviews once every six months didn't give them near the insight necessary to be able to understand the dynamics of that environment.

I told them I thought it would be best if the Project and Team Managers (along with at least two higher ups) could meet with individuals on a bi-weekly basis and at the end of each month, assess our performance and goals. Sixth months is far too long. Getting a monthly report on performance handed to you by a supervisor (me or my boss) was not good enough. It just shows what you did wrong, doesn't even begin to address how to fix those things.

They really weren't interested and actually got quite offended. I didn't care. I just proceeded to tell them that their lack of compassion for their employees and failure to help them out when needed is why they don't keep any good workers around for a long time. I think the average time there for someone who would have been my assistant on my team (regardless of specialty) was 4 or 5 months. After about a year, I got fed up with the **** and moved on.

A good CEO or President, Manager, etc. of any company should be willing to take good feedback from their employees. They didn't. Then again, those people never dealt with anything like that, so obviously they wouldn't know how to address it.

After I had moved to Colorado, I had gotten a phone call from HR asking me if I would be willing to move back and work for them. I guess pandemonium ensued after I left my legal team and the person who I had been training turned out to be a fart licker and was completely lost without me. I laughed at them, fired off a few choice words and blocked the number from my phone.

Would have been nice to be making big bucks only a few years out of school, but oh well. That **** was not worth it.

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