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Originally Posted by Requiem View Post
First and foremost: Healthcare benefits shouldn't be tied to employment, IMO.

And secondly, they are both dick moves and obviously the employer who is cutting the hours to make sure they don't have to give insurance to those people are dirtballs.
Why should they provide healthcare for employees when the government is giving them "free" healthcare

BTW, we told you liberals this would happen......we told you that once Obamacare was passed businesses would start dropping their healthcare coverage for their employees....most have started to drop spouses, and others are cutting back on hours so they don't have to provide it for them....paying the penalty tax or fee is cheaper, because that's what the socialists in government wanted all along....a single payer system.

Like the old joke goes -

the president promises the people free healthcare, they all cheer.....

he promises them free housing, they all cheer....

he promises them free cell phones and food stamps, they all cheer...

he then promises jobs for everyone and the people look at him like he's crazy.....

then someone from the crowd asks "what do we need jobs for?"

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