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Originally Posted by BroncoMan4ever View Post
the Rockies, have let a lot of really good talent get away or trade it away rather than pay for it. if they start tanking this season and they are out of playoff contention by the trade deadline, i guarantee you CarGo is on the trade block and Tulo possibly as well.

Tulo is a good player, but he is a guy they paid too much way too early. he is not a very good leader, plus he can't stay on the field. i have a bet with a friend that i will pay for 20 games next season, if Tulo can play 140 games or more this season. CarGo got paid too early also. the team is so backwards in they either won't pay a star player and trade or let him walk or they pay him before it is necessary to pay.
Originally Posted by Tombstone RJ View Post
I called out the Tulo contract the moment it happened. I said it was stoooopid. The friggen rockies are joke with Dan O'Dowd running the show, what a clown.
Originally Posted by BroncoMan4ever View Post
they pay players too early or pay the wrong players, then it blows up in their faces and they use them as examples of why they won't pay top dollar anymore. look at the Neagle or Hampton moves. paid big money for free agents and then they flamed out and the owners decided no more big money deals for pitchers. they let Holliday walk and he has been a great player outside of Colorado. they pay Tulo and he has 1 good season for every terrible season. CarGo got paid but has been wildly inconsistent.

i understand paying early in hopes of a cheaper long term deal, but you also need to wait long enough to make sure that player is worth a long term commitment. Tulo so far hasn't shown he is worth big money on a long term deal and he got a big money offer after 1 full season. sure it was a good season but it was the biggest contract ever given to a guy with that little time in the majors. it wasn't necessary yet. and he followed that deal up by being in and out of the lineup in 08, a good year in 09 missing 40 games in 10 and then got a new extension when he had 3 years left on his previous deal after having only 4 years of full time experience in the majors 2 of which were mediocre and injury filled. in 11 he had his best year and followed that up by missing over 2/3 of the season in 12. a guy making upwards of 175 million needs to be much better. you can guarantee the majority of teams wouldn't have given him these huge deals. for every 1 good season he has 1 terrible season.

Well, Tulo is arguably the best SS in the game today. He already has a 1.9 WAR for the season, leading all SS in hitting this season. The only thing down on him is he's had some unfortunate injuries.
I guarantee you he'd be offered a huge contract, absolutely guaranteed. You're a fool if you think otherwise, all but two of his years he's had a WAR of over 6 for the season.
He's also a terrific leader, and a catalyst for the Rockies 2007 season.

As for CarGo, same thing almost. He's a top player at his position that has 5 Tools. Remember, he was a part of the Holliday trade that also brough Huston Street to Denver. To me, it worked out for the Rockies because CarGo developed into an All Star OF.
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