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Originally Posted by cutthemdown View Post
Latinos in my area all listen to spanish language radio, fly the mexican flag, play soccer in the park and leave behind airplane size liquor bottles. How many of those want to become citizens? not many will want to pay back tax and jump through hoops for 10 yrs, learn English, pass a citzenship test. So my question is what are we going to do to illegal immigrants that just maintain the status quo and don't try to become citizens? You know stay in the country and just stay undocumented and work under the table.
Sweeping generalization much? And you wonder why people call your party insensitive.

As long as there is a need for cheap labor, no Americans who want to do it, and no repercussions for businesses (particularly big agriculture) who hire undocumented workers, there will be undocumented workers living in this country.

Besides, its not just the pay. Americans are downright lazy. Watch the hearings on this bill on C-SPAN. Jeff Sessions said "to say that they do jobs that Americans won't is just false." in his bombastic, I know because I said so way. Then the people testifying said "no here are about 20 examples of farms that paid upwards of $15/hr to pick apples. The company needed 50 workers, got 12 legal ones...all but one left the first day, and the one guy left wanted to transfer to the processing plant."

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