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So... I kind of know Titus. I'm good friends with one of his trainers from back when he was in high school, and some times Titus shows up at these training sessions. So this one session, which was a couple months ago, this high school wide receiver beats Titus in a drill, which seemed to be no big deal. But Titus was pissed. He was so pissed that he was calling the kid out, calling him "young n***a", cursing at the kid. It was weird, because Titus was challenging the kid to cover him on routes, and as the trainers tried to get Titus to chill out, he just kept digging into the kid, and I would say that if the kid had taken Titus up on the challenge it would have turned into a fight.

The way this kid handled it was just awesome. The kid goes to Crenshaw, so he wasn't worried about Titus. I'm not sure what area of LA that Titus grew up in, but he went to University High School, which is in West LA. I'd take a Crenshaw guy over a Uni guy in a fight any day. So the kid saw how pissed off Titus was and he started to heckle Titus. As Titus got more pissed off and was firing back at the kid, the kid was just laughing at him as he fired back.

It got to the point that all of the athletes at this session, who were mostly high school football players and a few college players, had pretty much turned on Titus so that they could get threw the workout. They were all telling him to shut up.

It was embarrassing, but funny to watch at the same time. Titus had a meltdown over something that some high school player said to him.
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