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Originally Posted by cutthemdown View Post
Now we have state govt cutting part timers back to 29. Even some with govs who supported Obamacare. Its not just the private sector.

Of course if you say 30 hours a week for benefits companies will trim down. You aren't going to spend all the money it takes over a few hours. You will say we can hire two part timers for 20 hours a week and that will be less then 1 part timer at 30 hours a week. You get 40 man hours for less money. Its a no brainer and you can't hold it against any company. If you owned a company you would do it also.

The problem is Obamacare. Its can't work because its only an idea and the law itself is whack and unworkable. The exchanges will be flooded, the subsidies won't be enough, the pre exisiting conditions coverage will cause prices to soar and middle class workers will be paying thousands more a yr in coverage. Single people will be getting blasted, families will get blasted, but hey some poor people with pre existing conditions will probably be good.
They are both using the law to "game the system". The correct anser is "they are no different."

Originally Posted by cutthemdown View Post
I don't know but chapter one is probably how to kill a baby and have it not be murder if it was written by you.
Wooooooooooooow! That's a good one! Did you do it aaaall by yourseeeeelf! We're so proooooud! Is there an accompanying crayon drawing we can put on the refrigerator?

Hey cut, how many gun crazed gentle idiots does it take to think police would want armed citizens "helping" them in a multiple active shooter situation?

Answer: Just one.

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