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Matt Paradis

Originally Posted by Mat'hir Uth Gan View Post
No, because his name is Roger. His dad was Rogers. His legal name would have to be Jr, or the II. That is not the case.

I want one person that matters. His coach, himself, his parents, his girlfriend, his best friend, or a post season award ceremony that calls him Rogers.

How hard is it for some kid doing a sideline interview to look at or the schools bio, see the wrong name, and think that's correct.

On the flip side, how hard would it be for the biggest honor in his life (his words in his personal interview I linked to) to misspell his name as an All American? When they have to get that information from him and his coaches in the first place?

I understand why you're confused. Some dumbass put an S on his name, all the media outlets look at that, and it catches like wildfire. The good sites, like the updated NFLDraftScout know it is Roger.
Unbelievably, the Baltimore Ravens think his name is spelled Rogers as well. That Ozzie Newsome is such an idiot, isn't he?
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