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Originally Posted by cutthemdown View Post
yeah he's not real fluid when it comes to coverage. IMO he is more a bull in a china shop and the olinemen are the china. I'm fine with Miller not being in coverage as much as possible. Let him attack the QB and get after the running game. I am fairly confident del rio can figure out a way to make it all work. No doubt Miller will have to get better at covering because as a LB he can't play at the LOS all the time.
Yeah the staff has a chore in front of them to teach Von how to be a complete LB, not just a guy that attacks the LOS.

Also though, I wonder if the lack of a real 3-down MLB calling plays has hurt the D alignments. Wesley Woodyard was taking the play calls in the nickle D, and he's way out there on the right side, how is anybody on the other side of the D supposed to hear if he wants to make a change pre-snap? Many people have said we need a real MLB, and that's another reason to want one, a guy in the middle that can direct traffic, not a guy on the far edge trying to direct traffic.
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