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Originally Posted by houghtam View Post
You do realize, though, that while you may think they're "rakin' in the cash", most times it's still not enough to get by, right?

Let's also not downplay the effect of poor sex education, poor education in general, and social mores. As I said in the other thread, unwanted pregnancy isn't just an inner-city problem. Go to Appalachia sometime. And much of that is good God-fearin' white folks.

People like to pretend that most people get abortions because they can. It's a far, far more complex situation than that.
I know unwanted pregnancy isn't an inner-city problem. I am from a small place and it is rampant here. And I know the situation is complex. I was just giving my simple thoughts in regards to what peacepipe said.

And for the people I speak of, they are doing more than getting buy. Hundreds of dollars for groceries for free, subsidized housing, cash assistance. All that adds up. Most of it by virtue of making terrible personal decisions and doing nothing to better themselves.

They have smart phones, solid cars, material ****. It's ridiculous. I'm not blowing it out of proportion either. I work at the state federal office and Social Security and Social Services is on the floor beneath me. I literally see people celebrating every day (after they walk out of the building of course) on how they are glad they work just enough hours to get a check, under employment benefits and everything else.

I also have two people close to me who did tax preparation this past year. For example: Why should a person who makes 20,000 a year and has 3 or 4 kids (that they can't afford) end up getting 5 times as much back in taxes from the government than they ever paid in? Sorry. That's ****ed up. And the tax system needs to be completely reformed.

It's crazy.

There are definitely people who need the help and sometimes it isn't enough, but I have friends who purposely work 28-30 hours at jobs so they can also get other benefits and still come out with more than had they been honest and worked 40. I have seen people abuse the system for years, and I've been involved with working at all three levels of government.
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