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I'm not taking anything away from Chicago, they played great, but Miami was off. You think the non-Bron/Wade contingent will always shoot that badly? Their offensive sets also looked like they were trying to figure **** out.

I expect a battle on Wed. Looking forward to it.
Actually, LeBrons statline was in line with what is typical for him.

Yeah, the deck is stacked in Miami's favor based on talent. But you could also say that if Belinelli and Teague get a handle on moving the ball up the court, it will take away some of Miami's turnovers. Miami had a lot of turnovers from trapping.

Game 2 is a huge game. Miami really needs it but so does Chicago. Miami won't want to fall in a hole losing two games at home while Chicago can't really afford to concede games. I've heard suggestions that the Bulls "got the split they wanted". I really doubt that. That's a luxury they don't have with the Heat. The Bulls need to compete every game.
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