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Originally Posted by Requiem View Post
I just don't believe in abortion as a means of birth control or something that should be done outside of the situations I mentioned. I think most people can agree that a woman who is raped, a victim of incest or when her life is in danger should have the option to get rid of the fetus.

However, I don't see the point in Little Annette getting to have an abortion because she was 18, fooled around at a frat party and got pregnant. Just like I don't think the government should be in the business of giving people tax credit for having children. Make the responsible ****ing choice.

This country is overrun by people who shouldn't be parents. (Though I don't think abortion should be used to rid people of that burden.) I see it every day I go out in public. They not only are hurting themselves and children, but the rest of society too. I'm for social programs for people who need it, but when I see 20 year old women with three kids who don't work (and their boyfriends/husbands have piss jobs) and they get more in benefits than most hard working people take in a month. . . I have a problem with that. And it is happening a lot. I live in a town of ~ 13,000 and the preponderance of people who are crapfaces taking the government for all it's worth is unfathomable.
You do realize, though, that while you may think they're "rakin' in the cash", most times it's still not enough to get by, right?

Let's also not downplay the effect of poor sex education, poor education in general, and social mores. As I said in the other thread, unwanted pregnancy isn't just an inner-city problem. Go to Appalachia sometime. And much of that is good God-fearin' white folks.

People like to pretend that most people get abortions because they can. It's a far, far more complex situation than that.
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