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Originally Posted by Lestat View Post
the Rockies have two superstars though, Tulo and Cargo.
Ulbaldo was their franchise guy but he is just a regular pitcher now.

eventually the fans will stop paying money to see the team. like they're doing with the Avs because the Kroenke's won't spend on the team or make good hires.
the Rockies, have let a lot of really good talent get away or trade it away rather than pay for it. if they start tanking this season and they are out of playoff contention by the trade deadline, i guarantee you CarGo is on the trade block and Tulo possibly as well.

Tulo is a good player, but he is a guy they paid too much way too early. he is not a very good leader, plus he can't stay on the field. i have a bet with a friend that i will pay for 20 games next season, if Tulo can play 140 games or more this season. CarGo got paid too early also. the team is so backwards in they either won't pay a star player and trade or let him walk or they pay him before it is necessary to pay.
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