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Originally Posted by BroncoMan4ever View Post
they have the cap space, and trade bait necessary to make that happen. it just depends on whether the Kroenke's are content to sit back and have a really deep no stars team that flames out in the playoffs. it is a little like the Rockies situation for the Nuggets now. the regular season is great, they win at a 95% rate at home, and sell a **** load of ticket, and really the fans don't expect Denver to win or really compete for a championship. so laying out money for superstars isn't necessary because the fans don't expect to win much anyway. just like the Rockies. why spend a fortune when ticket sales are great even for a typically terrible team.
the Rockies have two superstars though, Tulo and Cargo.
Ulbaldo was their franchise guy but he is just a regular pitcher now.

eventually the fans will stop paying money to see the team. like they're doing with the Avs because the Kroenke's won't spend on the team or make good hires.
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