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Originally Posted by Crushaholic View Post
Committee assignments are often handed out as repayment of favors. Congressperson Y voted for an important bill, so Congressperson Y is assigned to a powerful committee (like Ways and Means). It would NICE if committee assignments coincided with the person's interest and expertise...
Nancy Pelosi could do what then? All she has is a poli sci degree big ****ing deal. Poli Sci degree is crap and only good for either trying to get into law school, being a grade school teacher, or going into politics.

I'm sure most of the repubs have crap degrees also. When I say crap i don't mean useless, i just mean nothing that makes you me want you on the House finance committee. Thats why we don't require them to have expertise to sit on a committee. If we did we would probably have a lot of empty seats on both sides.
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