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Don't do that, Rev. You can't possibly be so afraid to admit your simple mistake (try this: "I guess he is smallish, how about that?"), or so fearful to acknowlede my correct prediction (try this: "even a broken clock"), that you will attribute Von's sack numbers to a "specific defense" and a "position just for him?"

You've now stooped to the level of Holden Caulfield's cretinous roommate Ackley ... he dismissed the basketball skill of their classmate by saying (the whole gd game long) "he has the perfect build for basketball."

And now YOU DON'T LIKE ME?! Grrrrr ... I want to LASH BACK! If only there were other people who don't like you ...
There is no way you will ever get him to admit he is wrong about anything. He would argue that water isn't actually wet.
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