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Chris Harris

Originally Posted by Tombstone RJ View Post
I wonder how much influence Holmgren had on these drafts? Holmgren was the problem IMHO. He had GM/Coaching authority in Seattle and he sucked horribly at it so they revoked his GM capacity. So my question is, did Heckert have final say or did Holmgren in Cleveland?
Holmgren had final say. You can't really say those Browns drafts were Heckerts choices.

I'll bet that Matt Russell probably witnessed Heckert actually drafting good players but was over ruled on many of them by Holmgren. Elway found this guy through Russell. I mean, I'm sure Elway knew who he was but I'm sure the fact that Heckert worked previously with Heckert had something to do with the hire.

So to all those mangers out there, in some office, be good to the guys below you. You never know, someday they could be your boss.
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