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Default new study: insurance companies do not accept official WTC-7 collapse scenario

A newly posted literature review of peer-reviewed articles about the World Trade Center collapse found that insurance companies do not accept the official explanation.

The authors concluded:

If it is true that steel-frame buildings can collapse from fire alone, it is crucial for owners of existing structures and insurers to understand the risk of a sudden fire-induced collapse so that structural repairs and risk adjustments can be factored in. Given the official story, it is remarkable how little insurance premiums, or even design parameters and building construction codes,vi have been modified (if at all) to address the possibility of catastrophic fire-induced progressive collapse. The fact that they have not been modified indicates that insurance companies do not accept the Progressive Collapse hypothesis.

For the full paper go to:

Mechanisms of Destruction and Collapse of the World Trade Center (WTC) Buildings on 9/11

An Analysis of Peer Reviewed Technical Literature 2001 - 2012

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