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Trevor Siemian!

Originally Posted by TonyR View Post
A few days old but just saw this today:
Yeah every time the Nuggets get a team thats right about there, right about to contend for a title, something always happens. In '84 English breaks his hand against the Lakers, then they were good but not great, then when they Had Mount Mutombo and shocked the Karl coached Sonics and nearly shocked the Jazz, they were definitely on the rise. Next season Phonz gets hurt, I think Pack had a holdout or something, Issel quit, Bickerstaff takes over and gets them to the playoffs but they get swept by the Spurs. Then he lets Mutombo walk, sell the team to that jerkoff from Cherry Creek that didn't even know how to get to McNichols, and knew nothing about basketball. And a 7 year playoff drought begins.

Then Stanley buys them, Kiki takes them over, get Melo, they instantly turn decent. But were in a holding pattern for 6 years.

Then trade for Chanuncey, and they get damn good. Nearly beat the Lakers and win the whole damn thing. Then '10 happens and cancer happens, and the team doesn't pay any attention to the sub, and they're back to the first round exit bull****.

Then Melo wants out. Make the trade but actually probably get better through different moves and the "Teamness" concept.

Now, best franchise regular season in Nugs NBA history, and get knocked out first round. And Gallo tears the ACL.

And now it feels like "Here we go again." I will not be surprised if Masai and Josh lose their heads and screw the team up. Or maybe Josh and Stanley let Masai walk to join the Lakers and turn them back into contenders. Maybe Iggy will walk. Something bad will happen. It always does.

Oh yeah...also can't forget Mahmoud Abdul Rauf. Great shooter, and I loved watching him until he pulled his national anthem bull****.

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